COVID-19: Childcare for children aged 0-4 years

Eligible parents of children who are currently aged between 0 and 4 years (children of school nursery age or below) can apply for a childcare place.

Places should not be requested for children who, based on government advice, should be self-isolating or socially distancing. 

You can apply for this scheme if you are using a private childcare provider (0-4 years) who is still open for key workers and has signed up to the scheme

If you are a key worker accessing the Childcare Offer for Wales, read our Childcare Offer page for further information.

If you do not have a childcare provider, or your usual provider has closed due to COVID-19, please indicate this on the application form or email . 

You must speak with the childcare provider of your choice before applying for the scheme 

The Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme (CCAS) will close to new applicants from Sunday 12 July 2020.

Those already on the scheme will continue to be funded until Welsh Government close the scheme, currently 31 August 2020.


  • single parents who are employed as key workers according to the list published by Welsh Government
  • where both parents are employed as key workers
  • **either parent in a two parent family is a key worker
  • the family must live in the Newport local authority area
  • the child must be of pre-school age

Applicants must confirm that they are providing a role that is vital to the COVID-19 response and that this is their sole role.

Even if an applicant’s job falls under the key worker category, critical workers will still need to include evidence that demonstrates they are directly responding to COVID-19.

**Important: government policy states that children should be cared for at home wherever possible. Where one parent in a two-parent family is a critical worker, every effort should be made for the child to be cared for at home. Likewise, critical workers who are able to perform their jobs effectively while working from home should do so. The CCAS should only be applied for where all options for the child to be cared for at home have been exhausted.

Key worker groups include:

  • Health and social care
  • Education and childcare
  • Public safety and national security
  • Local and national government (staff essential for the COVID-19 response)
  • Food and other necessary goods
  • Utilities, communication and financial services

Where children are attending a private childcare provider, you will need to speak to them about food and clothing.

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Summer childcare provision

Your CCAS funding will continue over the summer period in the private provider of your choice provided that you have applied by July 12 2020.

For older children, information about summer provision will be shared shortly. 

If you are currently accessing one of the school or Flying Start Hubs, you will need to reapply for summer provision.

Read about summer childcare provision for eligible key workers