Housing related support

The Supporting People Programme in Newport delivers housing-related support services to over 4,000 vulnerable people and receives funding from the Welsh Government to provide these services.

Housing-related support is provided to vulnerable people to help them develop and maintain skills and confidence to live as independently as possible. 

Vulnerable people include the following groups:

  • Men, women and families experiencing domestic abuse
  • People with learning difficulties, developmental disorders and autistic spectrum conditions
  • People experiencing mental ill health
  • People with drug or alcohol problems
  • People with refugee status and European migrants
  • Young care leavers and vulnerable 16 to 24 year olds
  • People with a physical or sensory disability
  • People with a criminal offending history
  • People aged 55+ with support needs
  • Vulnerable single and two-parent families
  • People with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS
  • Vulnerable single people
  • People with a range of issues and complex/multiple issues

Examples of the support available: 

  • Advice and support to claim benefits and manage debts
  • Advice and help with budgeting and managing bills
  • Help to deal with correspondence and relevant forms
  •  Advice on issues such as aids, adaptations and safety and security in the home
  • Support to develop independent living skills
  • Help to make contact with relevant agencies such as doctors or social workers
  • Support to access education, employment, voluntary work and training
  • Help in managing accommodation or finding more suitable accommodation
  • Sign-posting to other services and agencies

Download the Supporting People allowable activities document (pdf) to learn more about housing-related support.

The prevention of homelessness is at the core of all Supporting People funded services which are delivered in two ways:  

Supported housing services are accommodation-based services where housing related support is provided on-site. 

These include permanent or long-term services such as services for people with learning disabilities and enduring mental health issues, and temporary or short-term services such as hostels for the homeless and refuges for people experiencing domestic abuse.

Floating support services are housing related support services that are provided by support workers to people in their own homes and there is a wide range of these services available in Newport.

How to access housing related support services

Self-referrals (Word document) are welcome, although the supporting people team may need to request further information from partner agencies.

Once a support application or referral has been received, an assessment of housing related support needs will be completed before a support service can be allocated.

Download the Newport Directory of Supporting People Services (pdf) for more details of all supporting people funded services and how to access them.    

More information

Outcomes survey online

Download the Supporting People Local Commissioning Plan 2016-2019 (pdf)

Download the Local Commissioning Plan annual update 2019-2020 (pdf)

Visit the Gwent Supporting People website


Email supporting.people@newport.gov.uk or contact Newport City Council and ask for the supporting people team. 

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