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Current consultations   

Public service complaints survey

5 August 2019 - 

Help us to learn more about residents' experience in complaining to or complimenting the council so that we can improve how we respond

Recent consultations 

Sustainable travel - draft supplementary planning guidance

Closed 29 November 2019

We asked for comments on draft supplementary planning guidance relating to sustainable travel within new developments and surrounding links

Street naming and numbering policy review

Closed 8 September 2019
We asked for your views on the review and update of the council's adopted policy for street naming and numbering...

New Welsh-medium primary school

Closed 13 September 2019

We consulted on the proposal to establish a new Welsh-medium seedling primary school... 

Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance

Closed 2 August 2019

The council consulted on draft Supplementary Planning Guidance documents prepared to supplement policies in the Adopted Local Development Plan.

Local toilets strategy

Closed 9 July 2019

We asked people to share views on a local toilets strategy for Newport...

Eveswell and Somerton primary schools federation

Closed 14 July 2019

We asked for views about the proposal to establish The Eveswell and Somerton Primary School Partnership... 

Sustainable travel

Closed 30 June 2019

The way we travel leaves a trail of noise and air pollution as well as carbon emissions, we asked people to share their views on our Sustainable Travel Strategy.

Expansion of Ysgol Bryn Derw

Closed 11 June 2019

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to expand Ysgol Bryn Derw and increase the capacity of the school from 48 to 68 with effect from January 2020.


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