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Current consultations 

Amalgamation of Kimberley and Fairoak nursery schools

29 June 2020 to 11 September 2020

Newport City Council is consulting on the proposal to amalgamate Kimberley Nursery School and Fairoak Nursery School into a single school on the current Fairoak Nursery School site from September 2021

Recent consultations

Improvements to Black Ash Park and Monkey Island

Closed 8 April 2020

We asked for comments on the council's plans to make improvements to Monkey Island and Black Ash Park in Lliswerry. 

Draft taxi licensing policy

Closed 23 March 2020

The council consulted on a draft taxi licensing policy.. 

Additional protection to Conservation Areas

Closed 13 March 2020

Following a process of Conservation Areas appraisals, the council is proposing to introduce additional protection to three Conservation Areas within Newport: Caerleon, Stow Park and The Shrubbery.

This additional protection comes in the form of an Article 4(2) Direction which means that some alterations to a domestic property within either of the three conservation areas, cannot be made without the need for planning consent e.g. removal or renewal of windows and doors.

Follow the links to view the Article 4(2) Directions in full:

The directions were sent to each property within the Conservation Area. 

It is important to note that the effects of the Article 4(2) Directions are in place as of the 14 February 2020 yet are subject to consultation. Following the consultation period, the council will consider the responses received and consider whether to formally confirm the Direction. Conformation will be send to those properties directly affected

Local Toilets Strategy

Closed 6 March 2020

Newport City Council gathered the views of residents and visitors on whether there were enough toilets available to the public across the Newport area, in the right places, and whether the types of toilets available met the needs of the public.

View local toilets draft strategy (pdf)

School Admissions Policy 2021-22

Closed 28 February 2020

We consulted on proposed changes to the school  admission arrangements effective from September 2021.

Download the draft School Admissions Policy 2021-22 (pdf)

Resident parking permits

Closed 28 February 2020

Residents already eligible for a resident parking permit were asked to complete a resident parking permits survey to help us shape the scheme in the future.

Strategic Equality Plan (2020-2024) 

Closed 17 February 2020

The council consulted on its draft strategic equality objectives for 2020 – 2024.  

Newport City Council Budget 2020/2021

Closed 31 January 2020 

The council’s Cabinet considered a draft budget for 2020/21 and how services could be delivered within the limited resources available.

Sustainable travel - draft supplementary planning guidance

Closed 29 November 2019

We asked for comments on draft supplementary planning guidance relating to sustainable travel within new developments and surrounding links

Street naming and numbering policy review

Closed 8 September 2019
We asked for your views on the review and update of the council's adopted policy for street naming and numbering...

New Welsh-medium primary school

Closed 13 September 2019

We consulted on the proposal to establish a new Welsh-medium seedling primary school... 


Thank you for sharing your views

All of our consultations should be available bilingually, if they are not please email equalities@newport.gov.uk

Contributions and responses are welcomed in Welsh and should you wish to attend a public event and wish to use Welsh please let us know beforehand so we can provide simultaneous translation: equalities@newport.gov.uk 

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