Before applying for a school place

Each school has a catchment area which means that children living in that area will be given priority for admission, although this does not guarantee a place.

Parents can express a preference for any school they want their child to attend and we will try to meet that preference where places are available.

You should consider choosing at least three different schools to increase your chance of getting a school place that you are happy with - your child cannot be considered for a school unless you have applied for it. 

You can ask to be allocated an alternative place at your nearest available school if your choices are unsuccessful.

Children whose parents have expressed a preference for a school will be given priority over children whose parents have not.

There is high demand for school places in many areas of Newport and we receive more applications than there are places available, this means that some applications will be refused.

You should not assume that your child will be allocated a place at the school of your choice, even if it is the catchment school.

It is important that you do not encourage your child to believe that a place will be available to them at any particular school before you have received your decision.

If you decide not to list your catchment school as one of your preferences but are unsuccessful with all of your choices, your child could initially be left without a school place.

All children living in Newport will eventually be allocated a school place but this may be at a school which is some distance from your home.