Active travel

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The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 aims to make walking and cycling the most attractive option for shorter journeys, connecting where people live to where they want to go.

Safe Routes in Communities

St. David’s RC Primary School 

The council is working with Sustrans to improve walking and cycling routes around St. David’s RC Primary school. 

As part of the project video monitoring will take place on Wednesday 17 and Thurday 18 July to provide information on pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle movement patterns.

All video footage will be anonymous, stored securely and will not be published. 

This project is funded by Welsh Government.

Active Travel maps

Councils in Wales have to produce Active Travel maps to identify existing suitable routes for pedestrians and cyclists and suggest other potential routes that would help create an integrated network of active travel routes in Newport.

The maps below have been produced by Newport City Council and  approved by Welsh Government:

1. Existing Route Maps (ERM)

2. Integrated Network Map (INM)

View Newport's interactive active travel INM 

When looking at the routes on the interactive map you may also want to display other layers including schools, doctors, libraries, railway station, parks, leisure centres etc. 


Consultation - closed Friday 5 October 2018 

We proposed formally adding connecting routes around the railway station and city centre to the Integrated Network Map.

Download a map showing the proposed INM additional routes (pdf)

The inclusion of these routes is subject to consultation and Welsh Government approval. 


Email the active travel team at for further information.

TRA88471 24/7/2018