Cabinet agree to budget proposals consultation

Posted on Friday 8th January 2021

Cabinet agree to budget proposals consultation

A consultation into a series of 2021/22 budget proposals begins today after Newport City Council's cabinet gave the go-ahead.

Council leader Councillor Jane Mudd said: "We want to hear the views of our residents, businesses and stakeholders about this year's proposals.

"We will also be consulting with specific groups such as schools representatives, the independent Fairness Commission and trade unions. The responses from everyone, including individual members of the public, will be carefully considered before we make our final recommendations to full council."

The council provides more than 800 services for more than 156,000 people living in more than 69,000 households.

In 2021/22 the council will face a shortfall of around £5 million to fund the same level of services despite an increase in the Welsh Government draft settlement that will fund three-quarters of the council's budget.

It is also estimated that savings totalling nearly £10 million will have to be found from 2021/22 to 2022/23. This comes on top of savings of £35 million over the previous five years through a series of measures including a significant reduction in staff.

Councillor Mudd added: "We are grateful that the Welsh Government has proposed an increased in our funding and that it has delivered on its commitment to focus on schools, social care and public services.

"We have carefully assessed how this additional financial support can be used to benefit communities and the city.

"It comes after years of national austerity measures and the challenges we are facing this financial year as a result of the pandemic. Demands on our services, particularly in social care and education, continue to grow.

"However, I am pleased that we are proposing the meet the schools' budget requirements in full and some of the potential savings will have a positive impact on the city.

"For instance, the continued modernisation of children's services through the proposed closure of Cambridge House. This property is no longer fit-for-purpose and, thanks to external funding, our programme to create new children's homes in the city, providing a high level of care in more appropriate locations, is well advanced.

"We remain committed to helping Newport to prosper and grow by providing the facilities and environment that our residents deserve."

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