St Andrew's Primary School update

Posted on Friday 9th July 2021

Junior pupils and staff from St Andrew's Primary School will stay in the Newport Live Connect Centre for the next two years.

The key stage two building in Corporation Road was closed earlier this year after the discovery of a significant structural issue.

Initial investigations revealed the issue to be more widespread than hoped and work is continuing to get a complete understanding of the situation as well as finding potential long-term solutions.

Following the closure of the school in the spring, year six pupils moved to Lliswerry High with the rest of the junior school relocating to the Connect Centre.

From September, all key stage two pupils and staff will be together in the Newport Live Connect Centre. Transport to and from the St Andrew's site will be provided each day.

While the building was unoccupied, repairs to the masonry has taken place and scaffolding is due to come down in the summer. This work is unconnected to the structural issue that led to the closure.

Councillor Deb Davies, Newport City Council's cabinet member for education, said: "While the closure of the building was something no-one would have wanted, the school, education staff and partners have responded magnificently to the challenge.

"The head teacher, her staff, pupils and parents have been amazing. It has been great to see how well they have adapted to their new home and it proves that a school is not just a building, it is a community.

"I would like to thank Newport Live and its board for providing the Connect Centre which is the safe and appropriate home we wanted for the key stage two pupils and staff.

"Thanks must also go to Lliswerry High for allowing the year six group to use classrooms at the school until arrangements could be made to keep all key stage two together on one site.

"Tribute must be paid to the school staff who worked so hard to make sure the pupils feel comfortable in their new home and have a great learning environment.

"We all appreciate the understanding of parents in relation to this unprecedented situation and want to assure them that everyone is committed to finding a long-term solution."

Head teacher Jo Giles said: "We have made sure that the surroundings are familiar to the children by transferring furniture, equipment and materials to their new home. I'm so proud of my staff, children and all those who have helped to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible.

"Obviously we hoped to be back on the St Andrew's site as soon as possible but we recognise that safety is the priority. We are grateful to Newport Live for allowing us to occupy the Connect Centre as it meets our requirements, keeps the key stage two children together and means their education can continue uninterrupted for the next two years."

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