Work is progressing on Newport's Local Development Plan

Posted on Wednesday 30th June 2021

Work is well under way on the replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) which will determine how Newport will look for the next fifteen years.

The LDP looks at; how land should be used, what roads, paths and cycle ways there should be, the use of parks and green spaces, ensuring there is space for businesses, as well as protecting the environment.

In May the Welsh Government confirmed its approval of Newport City Council’s Delivery Agreement. People can view this document either on the council’s website or in person at the Civic Centre. For those who wish to view the document in person, an appointment to view must be made.

The latest consultation that is taking place will run from 30 June - 27 August 2021. Landowners, stakeholder organisations and local communities have the opportunity to submit potential sites for inclusion in the replacement LDP known as Candidate Sites.

Submissions can be made for a wide variety of uses - for example, housing, employment, retail, tourism, green infrastructure, recreation and reviewable energy.  The submission of a Candidate Site does not imply a site is suitable for development - there will be an opportunity to comment on the Candidate Site Register later on in the plan preparation process.

Candidate Site forms, guidance and assessment methodology are available on the council’s website.  For any further information please contact the planning policy team via email at

To be kept informed of the review and replacement LDP, including consultation and engagement events, visit

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